Takamura Uru (高村ウル) is the energetic 16 year-old heroine who's usually mistaken as an elementary school girl because of her short height and childish looks. However, she has superhuman strength and is probably stronger than most adult men.

When her mother remarries, she decides to move out of the house to give the new couple space and starts to live alone and working in Cafe Bonheur. She soon wins over the unsociable baker Shindou and the indifferent waiter Ichirou with her cheerful and truly kind attitude. She always puts the others before her and she can be truly dense and naive, but she's a hard worker and is also very determined.

Personality Edit

Uru tends to care more about others than she does for herself. She is very tender and kind to almost everyone. She is very childish, and is rather sensitive about her small sizes. She is very naïve, since she trusts people rather easy as shown when she first met Sakuraba or when a classmate forced the afterschool duties on her. She likes to help others, and this leads her to put other peoples' happiness first and doesn't care much about hers at first. She is very inexperienced when it comes to love and relationships, as shown when she is very slow to notice her feelings for Shindou.

Relationships Edit

Satsuki Shindou Shindou is currently going out with Uru. When they first met, Shindou mistook Uru for a child. Uru was somewhat scared of Shindou and thought he was a yakuza because of hisnlooks. As the series progress, Shindou begins to become protective of Uru. However, since they're both slow it took a lot of time for them to recognize their feelings for each other.

Ichirou Nishikawa Ichirou fell in love with Uru, but he noticed his feelings faster than Shindou and Sou. He is willing to protect Uru at any cost and cares deeply for her, even when he was dumped over Shindou. Ichiro was also one of the first characters to become friends with Uru.