Abekawa Kashiwa is the eldest Abekawa brother and a third year in high school. He has a huge sister complex, tending to be overly affectionate and disapproving of his little sisters association with any boy. He likes Uru a lot, tending to grab her in big hugs whenever he sees her. Kashiwai's is a little more laid back than his brother and a big playboy. Kashiwa is the one who does all the baking in his fathers shop. He supports his brother Sou in his attempts to confess to Uru.


Kashiwa is tall and handsome with short, white-ish blond hair and dark eyes.



Abekawa SouEdit

Kashiwa's younger brother. They have a good relationship, although Kashiwa is usually pissing Sou off by grabing and huging Uru. Kashiwa tries to help Sou confess to Uru.


Kashiwa's little sister. Kashiwa was a huge sister complex, doting on sakura and doing anything to make her happy, he often fights with his father over Sakura.